Laboratory Details

Sr. No. Laboratory Name List of Equipment
1 Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical Technology Abel’s Flash Point Apparatus. Pensky Marten’s Flash Point Apparatus. Redwood, Engler&Saybolt Viscometer. Smoke Point Apparatus. Penetro Meter. Rams bottoms Apparatus. Conradson Apparatus. Ring & Ball Apparatus. Could & Pour Point Apparatus. ASTM Distillat
2 Mechanical Operation Plate & Frame Filter Press. Cyclone Separator. Roll Crusher. Ball Mill. Vibrating Screen. Double Cone Mixer. Centrifugal Machine. Froth Flotation Cell. Sieve Shaker. Weight Balance (500 & 1000 gm)
3 Utilities & Instrumentation In Chemical Plant “HEM” make Temp. Controller (Digital On/Off WithThermister Sensor) Hg Filled & Bimetallic Temperature Gauge Toshniwal RTD-100-3 Wire RTD-100-2 Wire Simplex Thermocouple K, T & J Simplex
4 Chemical Process Technology & Fertilizer Technology Only Glassware
5 Mass Transfer & Sugar & Food Technology Adsorption Fluidization Rotary Drier Ion Exchanger Unit Tray Drier Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Apparatus Water Cooling Tower With compressor Absorption in Packed Column with compressor Distillation (Fractional Distillation) Muffle Furnace Batch Crystallizer Double Wedge Polari Meter Brix Hydrometer
6 Process Heat Transfer Heat Transfer through Composite Wall. Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus. Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder Triple Effect Evaporator. Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger. Heat Transfer in Agitated Vessel. Finned Tube Heat Exchanger. Vertical, Horizontal Condenser with Baby Boiler. Bare and Leg pipe with Baby Boiler
7 Safety & Effluent Treatment B.O.D Incubator Bomb Colorimeter C.O.D Digester Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter Digital Spectrophotometer (Elico) Centrifuge Machine Water Shaker Bath Ultra Sonic Bath

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